Transport :
To reduce transport costs and because it is convenient, we chose to ship our car on a boat. Indeed, we could load the car with a maximum of food (cheaper on the continent), the camping stuff that are very cumbersome, equipment for diving and hiking, and two suitcases of clothes.
Info budget:
Corsica Ferries price for 2 people and a small car :
– To : € 44 / Livorno (Italy) -> Bastia
– From : € 147 / Ajaccio -> Toulon (night with cabin)
Note that we traveled during the week which is much cheaper than the weekend. FYI, the two other major shipping companies are SNCM and Moby.

Accomodation :
We decided to alternate between camping and hotels. Indeed, after a day of hiking, we really enjoyed the comfort of a real bed! We left home with only two hotel reservations : one for the arrival at Bastia and one for our last night in Ajaccio. For the rest, we advised on a daily basis.
Camping :
Attention, no reservation possible for 1 or 2 nights only ! So do not arrive too late (max 19h) to hope to find a suitable location and setup the tent before the night ! In general it is quite easy to find a location for a small tent and a car, with the exception of very tourist cities such as Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio. Count twenty euros for one night.
Guest houses :
Ideal solution to meet the local people ! You enter the Corsican tradition with its very user-friendly meals, listening to local stories and many other legends of the island. These moments are precious, making your trip a bit more authentic. However, note that they sometimes refuse bookings for only one night, especially in high season, so reservation is recommanded. Count fifty euros for one night.
Hotels :
Reservation required, and sometimes a long time in advance to get a room in high season. For the best prices, check first on the specialized sites (such as Prices obviously vary greatly depending on the quality of the hotel.

Route selection :
Having studied various guides and browse many forums, we decided to explore Corsica following a big “S” (See Global Map). Our 15 days Corsica tour starts in Bastia and extends to the wild coast of Cap Corse. It continues towards the west coast of Ile Rousse, Calvi and Porto, to finally explore the montain peaks around Corte. This 2 weeks circuit continues in southern Corsica at Porto-Vecchio and its legendary beaches. It then passes over the emblematic city of Bonifacio and the Lavezzi islands to finally ends in Ajaccio.

Budget :
Our budget for this trip was 1600 EUR for 2 people all inclusive (transport, accommodation, activities, food). This figure however does not include the “continental” trips to reach the ports of embarkation.

Quick Reminder :
Remember to bring summer outfits but also sweaters and pants in the mountains as temperatures are cooler than at the sea level … snow can even be found in July and August!
Do not forget:
– Cooler + plates + cutlery + gourdes.
– Non-perishable food.
– Hiking Shoes + tap
– Warm clothes + kaway
– Snorkel + mask + fins
– Tent + hammer + mat + duvet + pillow
– Flashlight
– Sunscreen
– Dressings

Start the Corsica tour !

4 Responses to Preparations

  1. Laëtitia R. says:

    Mille merci pour tous vos conseils et vos belles photos!ça donne vraiment envie d’y aller!

  2. nicollet says:

    merci de vos renseignements.
    je prevois de faire le tour en partant d’ajaccio pour faire le sud et de calvi pour faire le nord de l ile. tout ca en voiture. est ce suffisant en 15 jours ? avez vs des conseils a me donner en tenant compte que je ferai cela en mai. merci. Michel Nicollet

    • Alexis says:

      Superbe voyage sur l’île de toute beauté! Merci pour les explications détaillées de votre voyage! Ainsi que de la carte globale dont nous nous sommes largement inspirés avec ma petite-amie pour visiter la Corse en voiture dans le sens d’un “S”. Paysages variées sur terre comme en mer, ce serait vraiment dommage de ne pas observer les fonds marins avec un simple masque et tuba (snorkelling). Beaucoup de poissons proche des rochers, époustouflant.
      Sinon, changer de camping tous les jours est fatiguant donc c’est une bonne idée de se prévoir 2 ou 3 nuits au même endroit, ou alors en hôtel de temps en temps pourquoi pas.

  3. Audrey Gio says:


    Merci beaucoup pour partager ce circuit. Nous partons cet été en corse et je cherchai justement un trajet permettant de faire le tour de la corse parce que c’est une première pour tous les deux. Ma seule inquiétude concerne les trajet en voiture. J’ai peur de passer trop de temps à rouler.. En suivant votre trajet, vous avez roulé combien de temps par jour?
    On m’a dit qu’il ne faut pas se fier au temps sur mappy, ou autre, qui peuvent être en vrai 2 fois plus long. Votre expérience m’aidera à me rendre compte.

    Merci d’avance!!


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