D7 : Corte – Restonica

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This morning we give a little sleep with an alarm clock set for 10:30. We then leave for 15 km of road along the Restonica river in a pine forest to reach the departure of the hike to Lake Melo.

Gorges de la Restonica, prise depuis la route D623Pins dans les Gorges de la Restonica, pris depuis la route D623

The trail is dotted with rocks and you have to take small steps in order not to slip on the massive flat rocks and perfectly smooth. The scenery is great, you feel caught up in the mountains, and so tiny in the middle of these huge piles of rocks! Fir and alder trees line the trail very fragrant and floral species such as wild orchids. Note: Some of scale passages and chains throughout the ascent.

Panneau de la randonnée au lacs de Melo et CapitelloRestonica - Randonnée vers le lac de MeloCascade à la randonnée au lac de MeloOrchidée à la randonnée au lac de Melo

We reach the Lake Melo, at 1711m high with a lot of wind. This beautiful lake, perfectly round, is surrounded by a carpet of green moss green crossed by water streams. The light brings out the color green of this flora which contrasts with the blue water and its reflections of the surrounding rocky cliffs.

Lac de MeloRuisseau se jetant dans le lac de MeloPelouse autour du lac de MeloLac de Melo

Leaving the first lake, we continue to climb for 45 minutes until we reach the Lake Capitello at 1930m above sea level. These last 219 meters of elevation offers a beautiful view and snow at arm’s length.

Lac de CapitelloLac de CapitelloOiseaux au lac de Capitello

At 18h we’re back to the studio and we leave for the U Museu restaurant where we enjoy a typical Corsican menu: salad U Museu, slipper herb cannelloni with Brocciu (cheese), beans “figatellu” (with pork sausage) and leeks. Finally, goat and sheep cheeses and, for dessert, a delight in chestnuts and a “fiadone”

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