D15 : Ajaccio

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For this last day in Corsica, we begin with a hearty breakfast at 9 am at the hotel. Managers, very friendly, tell us stories about tourists on holiday in Corsica and how some of their adventures end up in the news items.

Finally, after more than half an hour of discussion and fun, we go to visit Ajaccio, birthplace of Napoleon. We go to the farmer market at Place De Gaulle, to buy local corsican products, especially meats and sausages that we enjoyed a lot during the holidays: wild boar sausage, ass sausage, some “Copa” and some “Lonzu”. Short tour of the citadel built at the foot of the largest gulf of the island and the streets that lead inevitably to house Napoleon. The lunch break is on the run with a sandwich at the “Ind’é’Zézé”, relatively short break but very appreciated!

We then take the road to the Cathedral, which offers a charming architecture. Before leaving Corsica, we would like to enjoy one last time the wonderful nature of the island of beauty. It is at the “Pointe de la Parata”, which offers a magnificent view of the “Sanguinaires” Islands, that we fully appreciate that last corsican afternoon. The landscapes of many colors are charming, especially from the top of the Parata dominated by its Genoese tower.

In order to enjoy a final bath, we go to the beach of Capo di Feno where unfortunately we find a lot of seaweed and sponges littering the sand. In addition, the murky waters and jellyfish make us leave the beach to a small cove at 4km west of Ajaccio, to the Sanguinaires Islands . It is a dream small beach that appears in front of us, with its fine sand and rocks that surround it … perfect for relaxing and diving among the rocks where we can disturb some fishes, a spider crab and a multitude schools of different fish. Unfortunately the hour of departure has come. We ship at 19.45 on Mega Smeralda, flagship of Corsica ferries. We leave at 8:50 p.m. with a beautiful sunset over Ajaccio and the Sanguinaire Islands.

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  1. bonjour tres beau parcours et photos superbes ; nous allons en corse fin septembre et nous allons suivre votre parcours ,en chambre d hotes et hotel 2 etoile merci

  2. lu ellen says:

    Merci! I very much appreciate the time and effort you took to document your trip. It really helped me as I am planning our Corsica adventure. And you have a very friendly, energetic writing style which I liked.

    Thanks again,
    Lu Ellen

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