D13 : Sartène – Propriano

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Without any other alarm clock than the first rays of light entering the tent, we leave to Sartène at past 11:00. The visit begins with the walk uphill that leads to the “Place de la Libération” where the market is held. We continue with the Church of Sainte Marie, which exhibits the chains and the cross carried by the penitent red every Good Friday (almost 50 kg!). The walk through the alleys of the old city allows us to discover the passage of Brad, the Borgo district and street of vaults. Note that the watchtower, very well preserved on the walls, is not so easy to find! The lunch break is short but satisfying, consisting of a pizza taken at the “Café des amis”

Place de la Libération à Sartène, CorseEglise Sainte-Marie de Sartène, CorseBoutique de produits corses à Sartène, CorsePassage Bradi à Sartène, CorseRuelles de Sartène, CorseL'Echaugette de Sartène, Corse

We leave after lunch for the megaliths of Cauria: Stantari alignment with its twenty statues-menhirs, the site of Renaju and the Fontanaccia dolmens are all pretexts for a pleasant walk in the Corsican maquis.

Mégalithes de Cauria, CorseMégalithes de Cauria, CorseDolmen de Fontanaccia, Cauria, Corse

We take the car towards the beaches around Propriano, including the beach of Portigliolo where the wind blows with power, forming large waves to the delight of kite surfers. This beach is huge and we can easily imagine what it must be in a better weather, a paradise for swimming …. unless the jellyfish get involved …

Plage de Portigliolo, près de Propriano, CorsePlage de Portigliolo, près de Propriano, CorsePlage de Portigliolo, près de Propriano, CorseMeduse echouée sur la plage de Portigliolo, Corse

We leave the beach at around 18h ​​to do some grocery shopping and find a campsite in Propriano. Camping Tikiti (contact info), very wide but steep welcomes us for a night rocked by the swell of the sea that you can see from the tent!

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