D11 : Iles Lavezzi

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After a quick breakfast, folding tent, and after loading the car, we leave the campsite towards the car park reserved the day before together with the tickets for the Lavezzi Islands. On the way to the port, we make a detour to a supermarket to buy what we need for our picnic, then at 10am we ship with supplies and all our snorkeling stuff. We leave the port under the supervision of the citadel and quickly discover the cliffs of Bonifacio, as we pass from afar for about thirty minutes with amazement.

Citadelle de Bonifacio vue du port, CorseFalaise de Bonifacio avec tour genoise, CorsePhare de Bonifacio au bout des falaise, CorseFalaise de Bonifacio en forme de grenouille, Corse

We drop anchor and discover this piece of sunny paradise composed of large white rocks polished by wind and water, a transparent see full of fishes and a fairy colored vegetation. The heat makes us enjoy the see often and we dive to swim alongside large schools of fishes. We cross the island to better appreciate a lush flora and fauna and take many pictures as the colors are beautiful.

Archipel des îles Lavezzi, CorseArchipel des îles Lavezzi, CorseArchipel des îles Lavezzi, CorseArchipel des îles Lavezzi, Corse

Archipel des îles Lavezzi, CorseArchipel des îles Lavezzi, CorseArchipel des îles Lavezzi, CorseArchipel des îles Lavezzi, Corse

The shuttle is waiting for us to return at 15:30. In one hour we do the cruise around the Cavallo island, where the jet set celebrities and billionaires such as the Prince of Savoy and Princess Caroline of Monaco have built their residence. Subsequently, the boat cruises along the cliffs of Bonifacio and we see better of how houses are built on cliffs. With agility, the captain of the shuttle navigates inside the caves carved by the waves and on top of one of them, we discovered Corsica cut in the ceiling of the cavity.

Eaux turquoises autours de l'île Cavallo, CorseLe "Grain de sable" de Bonifacio, CorseFalaises de Bonifacio, CorseFalaises de Bonifacio avec grotte, CorseGrotte en forme de Corse à Bonifacio

This cruise ended around 16:30, we go now towards the Gulf of Figari where heat leads us back to the beach for a refreshing bath!

This evening we booked a guest house, at Mr. and Mrs. Berquez in Pianottoli (contact-info). So we share our food with the various guests and the couple that hosts us. The reception is very friendly and it is great to discuss with local people about customs and habits of the region. The excellent and plentiful meal consists of some typical products starting with a Muscat du Cap Corse for aperitif. The meal continues with a salad of melted goat cheese, grilled fish with rice, spicy cheese with fig jam and a melon icecream. In the digestive, the master of the house offered us Limoncello (lemon liqueur) and a liqueur of myrtle. It’s a bit strong, but delicious!

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