D1 : Bastia – Centuri

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Arrived the previous day by ferry from Livorno (see Preparations), we begin our 15 days tour of Corsica by the city of Bastia before discovering the Cap Corse. Walk along the old harbor and visit of the Immaculate Conception Oratory. This chapel overlooks a square with a sun in mosaic made with rollers. The interior is a surprisingly rich, but it will take some time for your eyes to get used to the darkness. Strolling in the streets, we arrive at the market place where you can admire the façade of the Church of St. John the Baptist, we then head to the Citadel Terra-nova. Surrounded by a wall of the 15th century, the Citadel hides a very nice area made of narrow streets, restaurants, small shops and sacred buildings such as St. Mary’s Church and the Chapel of Holy Cross with its Christ of Miracles (Black Christ ).

Bastia old harbor, CorsicaBastia lighthouse, CorsicaBastia citadel, CorsicaBastia church, Corsica

After a morning in the prefecture of Haute-Corse, we leave for the Cap Corse, direction Miomo. On the road, we stop at the Church St Lucia to enjoy the view on the port of Bastia and its surrounding areas. We continue by the cornices road full of green schists with golden reflections that take us to San-Martino-di-Lota and finally to Miomo.

View from the heights of Bastia, CorsicaSainte-Lucie church, Corsica

Stop in Erbalunga with its Genoese tower and its charming port full of colorful fishing boats. We continue towards Macinaggio and the beautiful beach of fine sand of Tamarone. This will be our first dive in Corsica, during which we could admire a variety of fish, jellyfish and some squids.

Erbalunga, CorsicaErbalunga genoese tower, CorsicaD80 road along the east coast of Cap CorseTamarone beach, Corsica

We get back on the road and go through the villages of Rogliano and Ersa. The landscape changes and its mountains are becoming greener. Arrived at the beach of Barcaggio after a few minutes walk through the bushes and small trees, as if its last defenders. From this beach of fine sand and green schist rollers is emerging off the island of Giraglia.

North coast of Cap Corse, CorsicaRogliano village, CorsicaGiraglia island, CorsicaD80 road along the west coast of Cap Corse, Corsica

We go back to Barcaggio via the old mill Mattei where you can admire the panoramic view of the west coast of Cap Corse and the wind mills of Ersa.

Installation for the night at the Camping Isulottu in Mute (contact info), 1km from Centuri.

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  1. Daniel says:


    This is a great blog. Very helpful in planning my own trip to Corsica.

    I’d appreciate help on the following:

    1. I have a limit of 9-11 days. Which parts should be included? (or rather excluded)?
    2. With hindsight, would you have done anything different? eg skipped some of the places visited, done something else instead?
    3. I know this is very much a personal preference, but I’ll ask anyhow. How much time should be “spent” in each place?

    Generally, we plan to visit in April.
    Further (and not only due to the weather) – we shall not spend time in the beaches (except maybe to take some photos).

    Thank you,


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